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A woman’s right to choose is one that should be protected and encouraged. Attempts to undermine this right are vile and regressive. Roe v. Wade finds abortion to be Constitutionally protected; the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments contain a due process clause. Because of this, privacy is granted to women, thus making abortion legal.

Although I am pro-choice, I believe in the minimization of abortions. Making contraceptives more accessible and cheaper, along with strengthening sexual education, should reduce the frequency of women considering abortion care.


As of January 2017, citizens of the United States hold a collective $14.8 trillion of debt, while the federal deficit sits at $559 billion. By reducing federal expenditures in certain categories, the deficit can be decreased.

Civil rights

In 2018, recognition, respect, and equality should not be up for debate. Movements such as Black Lives Matter exist because of continued marginalization and violence. All-encompassing legislation must be passed to ensure that no person is discriminated against, treated poorly, or left to suffer.


Although a free market is an American selling point, control must be applied to corporations who become excessively large. For example, the “megamerger” of Bright House Networks, Charter Communications, and Time Warner Cable has led to poor customer service, slowed service upgrades, and degraded end-user equipment. Transactions like this should not be ordinarily permitted.


Marijuana should be legalized for medicinal and recreational uses. Besides its casual uses, the plant is very profitable for states. With increased income, improvements can be made in the categories of education and infrastructure, among others, at a regular pace. Much like alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, a minimum age of use should be imposed.

(Just legalize it.)


K-12 and college education should not be relegated to a low level of importance. To create a thriving economy, an educated workforce is necessary. Every state should have identical K-12 standards, which will prevent incidents of credit nonequivalence. Two-year technical colleges should be tuition-free for in-state and out-of-state students, providing opportunities for apprenticeships, internships, and adult education. Four-year colleges and universities should be tuition-free for in-state students, provided applicants satisfy admission requirements. Out-of-state students should not be eligible for discounts or tuition assistance, unless a program is not offered at an institution in a prospective student’s home state. International students should not be considered for admission before in-state students.

Future student loans should be forgiven over time. Until the agenda listed previously is implemented, loans should be automatically deferred for five years following graduation. At that time, a “repayment plan” will start. This plan will offer students complete forgiveness if five years of work is completed in the state of which the student attended college, if the student lives in the same state for three years following college, and if the student is not charged with any violent crimes. If no applicable work can be found, exceptions can be made.

For existing student loans, if a student works for five years in the state of which he/she attended college and he/she is not charged with any violent crimes, loans will be forgiven. Any amount paid back for existing student loans should be credited back when applicable.


Clean energy is necessary. With technology such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric facilities, and nuclear plants, the United States can become an energy-independent nation in short order. Non-renewable energy sources, such as coal, need to be abandoned. New jobs created in renewable fields will counteract losses suffered from non-renewable withdrawals. This is a “win-win” situation; the environment will be protected and jobs will be gained.


Protecting natural resources should be a top priority. Teams should be deployed in each locality to clean and repair the local environment.  Littering, spilling of hazardous substances, and disregarding ordinances should all be fined accordingly; this is intended to prevent future disturbances. All entities should be required to meet a strong federal minimum of environmental protection. For example, businesses should not be allowed to emit more than a certain amount of toxins per year.

The water crisis ongoing in Flint, Michigan should be resolved. Officials who caused this despicable event should face criminal charges. Forcing residents to pay for unusable water – and seizing homes when bills are left unpaid – is an extreme disservice.

Foreign policy

The United States is a powerful nation. Our diversity and quality-of-life provide an envious experience, which should not be detracted from by other nations. Concessions should not be made to nations, territories, and/or entities that engage in nefarious behavior. Assistance should be provided to negatively-impacted groups.

Free trade and jobs

Over 325 million people reside in the United States. With a large population, this country has the quantitative advantage to reach self-sufficiency; however, outsourcing continues to negatively impact American families. Cooperation with other nations on economic issues should be encouraged, but industries (and as a result, jobs) should return to the domestic sphere. Corporations that outsource labor to other countries should have taxpayer-provided benefits terminated.

Freedom of speech

The First Amendment provides the right of free speech to all American citizens. No person should feel oppressed when speaking; however, hate speech should not be tolerated.

Gun/Weapon Reform

A mandatory “cool-off” period should be imposed on purchases of weaponry. Each potential consumer should wait ten (10) business days after initiating a request before the weapon can be [potentially] purchased. During this period, background checks, purchasing history, and other useful information can be discovered. If a consumer fails a background check, the weapon cannot be purchased. If a consumer passes the background check, he or she must attend a training course before the weapon is physically given to him or her. Certain types of weapons should not be available for purchase.

High-capacity magazines should be banned.

Hate crimes

This nation is founded upon freedom. When one group oppresses another, there is no freedom. Those who commit crimes of hatred should be prosecuted and jailed.

Health care

The current private health insurance system is not adequate. Like other first-world nations, a single-payer system should be created. With this plan, all necessary care and services will be available to citizens at no cost. The general public would fund this system. Elective care, such as non-essential plastic surgery, will not be covered by this system.

Homeland security

Borders should be secured; however, care should be taken to ensure that all people are treated with dignity and respect.


Financial assistance should be offered to individuals who are not able to work – not individuals who choose not to work. For recipients of publicly-funded financial assistance, a spectrum of tests/audits should be administered.

Drug tests should be administered to recipients. If a recipient fails a test, assistance should be terminated. An audit should be performed annually, which will verify that financial assistance is needed.

For those who receive financial assistance, services should be made available to encourage dependence, such as job-searching programs and financial literacy courses


If one can contribute to the society of the United States, one should be allowed to enter.

LGBTQ rights

Equal rights should be Constitutionally protected. Each state should be bound to stipulations instituted at the federal level. Municipalities and states/commonwealths should not be allowed to reduce protections available to citizens on the basis of sexual orientation and/or identity.

(As a bisexual person, we just want people to be nice to us.)


Religion should not be protected on any level. The Constitution calls for a separation of church and state.

Social Security

Social Security should be strengthened, protected, and valued. If one pays into the system, one should be guaranteed a payout, without fear of the program ending.


America should be defended, but this country does not have any reason to start frivolous wars. Peaceful diplomacy should be the attempted; war should be a last resort.