For Hire

If you’re in the Columbia, SC area, you can hire me to take photos of you – or anything, really.

The photos I produce can be licensed for private or public use. The following list is an approximation of what you might spend to license my photographs.

As always, rates are not final and can be negotiated.

    • If you prefer a pre-session consultation, two hours will incur a charge of $50.
    • Per hour, a base rate of $50 will be charged.
    • In addition to the base rate, each photo will incur a charge for a license, which will allow commercial, public, and/or private use. Rates are negotiated for each client.

If you would like to schedule a consultation and/or a session, call or message me at 843-972-3266. I would include a simple e-mail form, but it’s 2019.