Is it because we live in the South? Alternatively, could it be because people are stupid? On more than several occasions throughout the past few weeks, I’ve almost died in crosswalks around the University of South Carolina campus.

Wheat St. traffic should stop at the red X marks, while Sumter St. traffic should yield prior to the crosswalk and to pedestrians.

In the image, the crosswalk near my residence hall is shown. Low-quality Cafe Verde is popular with taste-deprived freshmen and those with meal plans; however, these people should be afforded safety. At any point throughout the day, students cross at the garnet crosswalks, all of which are outfitted with signs that say “STOP FOR PEOPLE, PLEASE,” or something to that extent.

After dark, people will cross diagonally using the blue line, which is not advised, but is not illegal.

Today, in normal lighting, a woman in a Jeep almost hit me. Okay, she was on her phone, but that’s not an excuse. She received the middle finger, a few profane words, and reassurance that her license should be revoked. One of these days, I’ll just kick one of these cars.

Don’t hit us, you idiots.