Is it because we live in the South? Alternatively, could it be because people are stupid? On more than several occasions throughout the past few weeks, I’ve almost died in crosswalks around the University of South Carolina campus.

Wheat St. traffic should stop at the red X marks, while Sumter St. traffic should yield prior to the crosswalk and to pedestrians.

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An average Monday consists of Biology 101, a few hours of relaxation, and a trek to my brother’s high school to retrieve him at the behest of my parents. Since August, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the process has repeated itself. I arrive to the car rider loop by a quarter until two. Inquisitive people may wonder why I am so early. My answer is simple: traffic. Rather than wait in an unorganized, hectic line, I prefer to park. My opinion seems to be similar to those of others.

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